My goal is to inspire
you to build apps and start
working out.

All over planet earth people are getting dumber and fatter. This is causing the world economy to slow down. Eventually we will be surpassed by competition from the universe. Young, upcoming hungry planets are striving forwards, while we are remaining complacent. The disease is called lethargy.

Get Learning

Born To Code


Check out these tutorials. Go search the internet for new technology and build an app. Then go watch some videos on the net and build another app. Then purchase a book or two and build another app. Then put all your knowledge together, get creative and build another app. Learn a new programming language, framework. Get out of your comfort zone. And build something new.

Start Programming


Go for a workout. Whatever, go to the gym and train your muscles. Go for a quick run, like a 10 Miler, or go for a swim and go for a spin on the bike. Then assemble a daily training log and record your workouts. Monitor and observe the progress. Mix your trainings. Start a new sport. Do a new form of cross training. Strengthen a new muscle.

Begin Working Out

Couch Potatoes

You are the biggest problems, the 9 to 5 crowd, that just wants to get by on doing a minimum. The secret is that the superhero is slumbering somewhere inside you. Goto Developers and Athletes step and follow the instructions. Learn something new. Do something new. Build an app on rails. And go sky diving to start with. Get inspired to achieve something.

Get Off Your Butt