I aim you to be more observative and partaking in what is happening in our environments.

Each one of us can make a difference, by not looking away when something bad happens, but intervene and inform the competent authorities.

All too often we are not bothered but in a hurry to get a job done, run an errand, work off the shopping list and don't notice that unethical things are going down.

My hope is to raise awareness that there are negative elements in our societies and it is an obligation to point them out to the authorities.

There are rules, laws, standards of right conduct that the founding fathers of our nations laid out for a bright future for us all.

These criminals/terrorists are attacking the core of our nations and values, instead of emulating, working it the right way they prefer to destroy our people from the inside, drug trafficking and from the outside with for example suicide bombers.

The nations that prosper have worked very hard to build and construct solid systems, some seem to be envious. We must teach these people that we are all created equal and anyone can become whatever he wants to be...

From the dish washer to the president, it is about constructing and not destructing.

It is our obligation to protect the weak, children, women, elderly and handicapped people so that everybody can have a decent life.

I hope that some of the criminals will be caught and some of the missing children be found, so that happiness may arise in the families, neighbourhoods, cities and countries.

We are all people and with the right communication will find common ground to get to the root of the problems and eliminate all obstacles.