Typescript 2.0

Saturday, November 19, 2016

JavaScript is the future: client, server, database, node modules, addons

Typescript is syntactic sugar for JavaScript

Typescript is transpiled and not compiled to JavaScript

The objective of this exercise is not to put down, tear apart, find all weaknesses and lies and expose them all as they do with Open Source Technology, but rather to explore how my projects can benefit from using this temporary syntactic sugar.

They are more careful in the documentation and code than with their mouths.

Talk is cheap, show me the code and documentation. Code doesn't lie. Just for fun.

Open Source Rules!

Some facts:

  1. Typescript exists because the creator is the ultimate problem maker, strategically well planned
  2. Why? Fear of Open Source
  3. The goal is to capture the minds of the millions of JavaScript developers
  4. Once all browser manufacturers adhere to the Open Standards Typescript is obsolete
  5. V8 is on ES7
  6. The ES6 && 7 Specifications once standardized in all browsers ...
  7. Typescript is another attempt to ... JavaScript will never die
  8. History repeats itself or the human is an animal of habit
  9. I recommend abusing Typescript since Angular 2 and Ionic 2 also use its features
  10. We must learn the technologies forwards and backwards ...
  11. Competition is good for innovation and progress. The lions will survive ... Darwin ... Jungle Time ...

basic types

basic types continued

variable declarations, destructuring

function interface, class interface implements

class interface extends


getter setter abstract class

abstract class, class as an interface

function, arrow, this, rest


enums, union, polymorphic this, symbols

iterators and generators

modules export import





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