Application Lifecycle Management in TFS 2013

Saturday, February 8, 2014

From start page click on connect to team foundation server

Press connect

From the home drop down select new team project

Give the team project a name and hit next

Choose the scrum process template and click next

Select the team foundation server version control system and hit next

View the confirm setting screen and press finish

View the progress on installation of all items to create a team project

Click close

In team explorer view connected to the team project and the various pieces of tfs that can be worked with

Click on settings

Click on group membership at the team project collection level

View the project collection administrators

Click add, to add a windows or tfs group

Click permission tab to view the permissions

Navigate to group membership on the team project level

Now at team project level

Click on permissions to view the permissions

Most of the time, developers are in the contributors or project administrators group

Hop to start and search for team foundation server administration console

Click on tfs administration console brings up the tool right here

Click on team project collections to view the status with options to create and attach

Click on team projects to view the team projects within it

Click on lab management to view the lab management settings

Click on build configuration to view the build server configurations

Click on logs to view recent logs

Double click a log to view the details, what went right, what went wrong

Click upgrade to upgrade vss to tfs

Click on the server node to view the edition, license type, product id and version + install path

In vs, team explorer, click on source control explorer

Select the team project and notice that local path is not mapped and everything is greyed out

Right click the team project and select get latest version

Map the server folder to a local folder, a sain structure and hit map

View the mapping has been established

Pull the drop down and goto work spaces

Click edit

View the mappings

Click on ellipsis button

Possible to map it to another folder

Click advanced tab to view further details concerning the workspace

Default Success Warning Important Info Inverse
B S W I ? O