Sharepoint 2013 Fundamentals

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Add a button in the contentplaceholder main

In the app.js file, attach a click event handler to the button

Usingload function to get the title of the web and display it in the message paragraph tag

Hit f5 to deploy the app, click on javascript demo

View the app, click the load button

Get the title of the app

Add this code to get the number of lists that live in the app

Hit f5 and run the app, view the title and the number of lists

_api is the base url for sharepoint 2013 rest api and web is the query, this says get all information about the current site

Get information about all lists in the current site

Get information about a specific list, the documents list

Append items to get information about the individual items

Add a button to default.aspx page

Attach an event handler to the rest button

The rest api function, ajax call to rest api, let's inspect the data object

Fire up fiddler to monitor traffic between the application and the web service

Press f5 to run the app, then click on the rest button

View the web service call and json response, the object has a property d, containing the properties of the web

This is the property we are interested in

Display the title in the message paragraph tag

Press f5 again, click the rest button

View the title of the site in the page

From the training site, navigate to site settings

Two links manage site features tomanage site scoped features (spweb), and manage site collection features to manage site collection scoped features

The freshly created site collection demo 2 for this features and solutions walkthrough

File new, empty sharepoint 2013 project

Set the url to the new demo2 site collection and deploy as a farm solution

Right click the features node and select add feature

Rename the feature to sample

Set the title, description and scope to web

Right click project and select add new item

Add a list and click add

Specify that the list be based on the contacts list

Remove the description in the list designer which is just an editor over the elements.xml document

Use caml to define the starting data for the list

Right click the project and add a module, this is a site page, click add

Inside the sitepage module rename sample.txt to contacts.aspx

Add this markup, a spdatasource bound to the contacts list and an spgridview to display the information

In the feature add the elements: list and module

To add a custom action, add an empty element to the project

Default Success Warning Important Info Inverse
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