Sharepoint 2013 Fundamentals

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Fire up central administration and click create site collections

Fill in the title, description and url

Select the team site template for information collaboration, designate the site collection administrator and click ok

Click on the link

View the newly created training site

Click on site contents in the quick launch menu

Click add an app

Here possible to add apps, lists and libraries to sharepoint, also possible to visit the sharepoint store by clicking on the link

The apps in the app store are built using the sharepoint app cloud model

The apps in site contents -> the apps are native to sharepoint, like lists and libraries

Click on the contacts list

Name it contacts and click create

In site contents, the contacts list appears, click on it to work with the items in the list

Click new item to add an entry

Add last name and first name and hit save

Click this link to put the list into edit mode and do some batch editing

Once finished editing the items click on stop editing to get out of edit mode

Click on items in the ribbon to get access to the items ribbon

Click List to get access to all the items related to lists

From the start page, navigate to site contents

Click on add an app

Goto sharepoint store

Select the google maps for sharepoint app

View the details of the app

Click on reviews to view the reviews

Once satisfied that this is the app wanted, click on add it

Provide windows live id credentials, click sign in

Click continue to confirm the purchase of the app

Press return to site

Click trust it

The new app is installed in the sharepoint site

View that the app can also be accessed from the quick launch on the start page

Following the same process add the daily dilbert app and check out the app part and configuration options

To remove an app, hover over app and click the ellipses link twice, then press remove

Click ok in the confirmation message box

The app has disappeared

On site contents page click add an app

The app appears in the you can add section along with the native sharepoint bits and bytes

Readd the app, click it and confirm the trust it button

In site contents view that the app is available in the site again

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