Sharepoint 2013 Development 1

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sharepoint 2013 central administration

Sharepoint team site, logged in as farm administrator

Add some sharepoint users to active directory

Main client area with a document library

There's something called a newsfeed here

Sync button to create a synchronized copy of document library on local computer

Follow button, to follow the site, people, documents, a number of documents

Newsfeed button to monitor changes that happen to this sharepoint site

Click on newsfeed button

A mysite site collection is created behind the scenes

Hit the back button

In administrative section there is an about me section, click it

View the administrators profile, click back

Click on the gear to open the menu, select shared with

View with whom the site is shared

Click on invite people

Invite tiger and click share

The Test site is now shared with these 4 animals

Click on show options button

View the sharepoint groups and permission levels drop down

These are the sharepoint groups

Select test visitors group, anybody invited will have read access only to this site

Give croc read rights and the other animals edit rights

Click the sharepoint gear and select site settings

Users and permissions is another way to control security

Select people and groups

View the members in the test members group

Click new to add users to a group

Select the test visitors group to view the crocodile in this group

Option to create a new sharepoint group, or create new security levels

Back in site settings, click site permissions link

Click on check permissions

Enter croc to check what permission level it has on the securable object

See that croc has read rights

Permission levels are controlled through this button, click it

Defines all the permission levels that are on this sharepoint site

Click on design

View a mish mash of spbased permission enums

End users click the share button

And type in whomever they want to share the site with

Default Success Warning Important Info Inverse
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