Sharepoint 2013 Basics

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Click on edit links link

Click on the link

Enter the text and address, press ok

Click save

Click on the new link

Bing is opened

Click on remove this to remove the tiles

Click on site contents in the quick launch menu

View all the lists, libraries and apps in the site

Click on add an app

Here lists, libraries and apps can be added, click on the sharepoint store to goto the public sharepoint store and install an app into the site

Click on the full screen button

Just see the content of the page

Click on share button to provide access to the site

Click on the sharepoint gear to open the site actions menu

New feature: minimal download strategy, speed up page rendering, only changes are sent from server to client, sharepoint 2013 is quicker and more responsive

Run this powershell script to turn developer dashboard on for everybody on the entire farm

View the perfmon icon popup, click on it

Developer dashboard window pops up which allows to monitor all requests for the current session

Click on a link, view the request made to the server

File new project, an empty sharepoint 2013 project

Specify the url, deploy as farm solution and click finish

Right click project and add a mapped images folder

Add some images to the folder

Add a web part to the project

In the .webpart file, set these values and properties

Add this code in the hellowebpart.cs file

Set the name of the group in the web parts manifest file

Right click the project and select deploy

Click on home to refresh the site, this takes a second since the web config has been modified by the deployment of a farm solution

Click on remove this to get rid of the getting started stuff

Click on page tab and in the ribbon select edit

Click on insert tab and in ribbon press web part

Select the category, web part and click add

View the hello web part has been added to the page

Create a new, empty sharepoint 2013 project

Specify the url and deploy as a sandboxed solution

Add a webpart to the solution

Set the title and description in the .webpart file

Set the groups name in the elements.xml file

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