Sunday, April 13, 2014

Grab a reference to the controllers folder, call the init function on it and pass in the app, the server page only knows about initialization of main controllers

Create data directory and index file, type in this self executing anonymous function with methods yet to be created, get a list of the categories

Create seeddata file and add this javacript array to provide initial data

In the controller, grab a reference to the data folder, navigate up one

Invoke the getnotecategories method on the data object, supply the callback, the next function, in the render invocation, pass in both values as part of the model, databind aginst them both

In the view, if model returns error, spit out the error message to the screen

Type in this code, a foreach with a callback, for each item in the category display the name and count

Run the app, in the browser view the categories and count displayed

Create this public, css folder structure and add this css file, the color just off black

Reference the css file in the layout.vash, public folder is used and serache by convention from express

In server.js enable express to find the public folder, hence the css file

Run the app, view the new css applied

Install bower from the command line using npm, notice the -dev command, this saves this in a special way

In package.json view new section devdependencies, this means that it won't be pushed to a production server but only used in developement environment

Uninstall bower and reinstall bower with the dash g flag, that is globally, so all command shells on the machine can use bower

Install underscore using bower

Uninstall underscore temporarily using bower to configure file location so that we can use it in the project

Add this file and tell bower to install the components in this directory

Install underscore using bower again, view installed in public/lib folder

Add the script reference in the layout file, now every page hass access to underscore

Using Bower install bootstrap, the jquery bits are also pulled in

Reference bootstrap and jquery in the layout file

Bring in the bootstrap and theme css in the head

Replace the body with this boilerplate bootstrap code

Use bootstrap formatting for a listview render of the index page

Run the app and view the results in the browser

Install grunt, a task runner

Add this js file, type in this code, install the plugin nodemon

Extend configuration object passed in with named object named nodemon, the code says: start up script is server.js, if any change to a js file, restart, grunt is to speed up development

Tell grunt to load nodemon as a plugin, register default behavior, when grunt is run, run nodemon

Go into root directory and type grunt, starts the node server

Make a change in server.js file and save, view in nodemon restarting due to changes

Download the node-sqlserver-driver here

Drop the msnodesql folder into the project

The code to grab data from a local sql server database

Run the app, navigate to api/sql, view the json result of the query from the database

Download mongodb here

Copy contents of mongodb bin directory in new foder in project

Create folder to store data of database instance

Start the database server with path to data store

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