Kill Windows, Kill Azure ...

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Angular is being sabotaged the same way as Linux. The node_modules are in danger.


Linux, Android, Chromebooks will help us save the world in the meantime chrome OS, zorinos 12, ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS are excellent solutions. get ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS for your desktop here. get zorinos 12 for your desktop here. get chromebook for your desktop here.

'Linux is a cancer.' Steve Ballmer. #greed #fear #theyHaven'tChanged2017


the linux is a cancer article

Now they love Linux, microsoft lies. Linux is the dominant OS in azure. They should sponsor if they mean what they say. They lie. They owe Linux BILLIONS of $$$ for the damage caused. This is Microsoft today, old behavior patterns: steal, sell and or sabotage. How much of Linux is in Windows?

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