Saturday, April 26, 2014

Download the newest version of visual studio here, express is the free version

File new project, web application

Select web forms project template

Add a label to the about page

In code behind, page load event, assign current time to text property of label

Build app, run it and view the page in the browser, the current time is rendered

Add a new web form with master page to the project

Remove the code behind

In the aspx file, remove the code behind and inherits

Add a label and a c# script block

View the page in the browser

Drop the grid view onto the design surface of the default page

Specify sql database as the data source

Select sql server as the data source

Enter the connection information

Save the connection string

Select the table and columns, click advanced

Select both text boxes

Test the query and click finish

Check enable selection

View in browser, scroll down, select a row, notice postback and taken to top of page

Scroll back down and view selected row is highlighted

In page directives add this attribute and set it to true

Right click file, view in browser, scroll down, select a row, view the scroll position is maintained

In page directives of about page set attribute trace to true

Right click in file and select view in browser

View the tracing information, here stages of page life cycle timed

File new poject, web application

Choose web forms project template

Default.aspx, design view, select table in menu and add table with four rows and columns

In design view, type in these string literals into the first column and drag two texboxes, one dropdown and one button into the second column

Position cursor after button, hit enter a few times and drag a label onto the design surface

In the source remove the text property of the label and set the id

Set the id's of the other web server controls and the text property of the button to submit

View the page in the browser

In design view highlight the drop down, click the smart tag and select edit items link

Add a couple of countries in the text column

Add a select one item without a value and move it to the top with the arrow

View source, the inputs translated to list items

View the page in the browser

Default Success Warning Important Info Inverse
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