Custom Sharepoint Teamsite 1

Friday, November 1, 2013

Fire up central administration, click link create site collections

Provide this info, the two user names become site collection owners

A link provided, when clicking this will take to an out of the box team site

The out of the box team site in the browser

Site actions -> site settings -> site content types -> create, create the content type, click ok

Click add from new site column

IT-Service-Description column specifications

Add from new site column with these specs

Add the IT-Support-Status Column

IT Service Menu settings page

Site Actions -> New Document Library, provide title and description, click create

On ribbon select library, library settings, advanced settings, select allow management of content types

This will cause the content type section of the libraries setting page to appear

Click add from existing content types

Add IT service menu to the content types to add click ok

Next click the new button order and change default content type

Uncheck the visible property of the document content type

Ribbon Modify current view

Add some entries to the document library

Library -> Library Settings -> Set Versioning setting

Set the versioning settings

Provide these specs for the new site content type

Add this lookup column

This column of type person or group

Technician-assigned specifications

Add this column with a default of no

This is a multiline column with 12 lines of text

This column is multiple lines of text, 12 to be precise

Site actions -> more options -> List -> Custom List

List -> List settings -> advanced settings

Change the first option to yes and click ok

Click add from existing site content type

Move the IT-Service Ticket Content Type over and click ok

Default Success Warning Important Info Inverse
B S W I ? O