C# Intro

Saturday, October 26, 2013

.NET Software Framework

Download and install .NET Framework

Common Language Runtime manages the application when it runs

  • Memory Management
  • Security
  • Operating System and Hardware Independence
  • CLR is like a virtual machine
  • Language Independence

Framework Class Library a library of functionality to build applications

  • 1000's of classes to build great applications, web, windows, services, distributed
  • The largest library in the history of humanity
  • WPF, Windows Forms, Web Forms, MVC, Web Api, WCF apps and more


  • Standardized language to create .NET components
  • Standardized by ECMA
  • Create applications, services and reusable libraries
  • Syntax is similar to Java and C++

C# code snippet, if it's Saturday write saturday out to console, else write nothing

use command prompt create file helloworld.cs

Code to print out hello c# to the console window

Goto directory of the c# compiler csc.exe and compile the file

Look in the directory an executable .exe has been generated

Execute it and it writes out hello c#

Hello C# inside of visual studio

Execute the program from the command line compiler

Write the first element in array to the screen

Execute the program and specify a parameter

Types: Value Types directly contain data, Reference Types store references to objects

Output, struct remains same, reference type affects the object that both reference

Predefined Types

Declare and initialise variables for use


Default Success Warning Important Info Inverse
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