C# Fundamentals

Thursday, November 27, 2014

File new project console application

Display a line of text in the console, press ctrl + f5 to execute

Use escape sequence backslash n to position on next line

Overload writeline method to format string, specified in first argument, curly braced numbers are placeholder for subsequent argument

A simple program adding two numbers

Equality and relational operators

Add a new class to the project

Add a public method to the class that writes a line to the console

Create an instance of the class, it is now an object and invoke the method on it

Add a parameter to the method and print it to the console

In method invocation pass in an argument

Prompt for user input, pass user input into method invocation

Add a public property, auto-implemented to get and set the value of the metric, in the method get the value of the property

In client code, get the value of the metric and set the value of the metric

Constructor is used to initialize an object as its created, initialize property with string supplied as argument

Create an instance of the object, pass in the metric in the constructor

Add a new class to the project

The account class

The calling code

Add the calculate method

In calling code invoke show and calculate methods, integers truncate any floating points

Employee average using sentinel controlled repetition

The calling code, press ctrl+f5 to execute

Nested control statements, if else in while

Type in 10 values, view the results

Add an if clause if passes greater than eight print message to console

Any statement that has an assignment operator and arithmetic operator can be rewritten using a compound operator like this

Increment and decrement operators

View results in console

The while loop

The for loop

Use for loop to sum up even integers from zero to ten

Compound interest calculation

View output in console

The do while loop runs at least once

The calling code creates an instance of the class and invokes three methods that do the work

Declare instance variables to keep track of the metrics, the showmessage method prints the welcome message

The getappraisals method loops through and grabs user input, invokes increment method to increment the appropriate counter

The incrementletterperformance method uses a switch statement to increment the variables based on the input, case nine falls through to ten, default, anything beneath six, fcounter is incremented

The show report method

View output in console

Default Success Warning Important Info Inverse
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