C# Exploration

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dynamic keyword, no checking at compile time, only at run time

Named argument, the argument at calling site has a name

Optional parameter, must come after all required parameters

Create a failing test

Create a passing test

Add this class with method to elements project

A test to check that the value is what expected to be

Add a parameter to the method and append it to the return value

Pass in an argument into method invocation and check the return value

Add a second test to check with a different name

Update the class with a field, constructor that initializes the field and the method appends the sender variable

Update the test, pass the sender name in the constructor, check the return value in the assert

If the field is only ever set in the constructor or variable initializer, set it to readonly

Use double slashes for code comments

Slash star, star slash is for a multiline comment

Triple slashes generates a comment structure for xml documentation

Check if sender is null, if yes just return greeting to receiver

Pass in null in the constructor, the test passes

When receiver is null throw an exception

The unit test to check that the exception was thrown

Add a property with a getter, readonly returns the field

A unit test to test that the property is set from the constructor

Equality for strings is case sensitive

Remove the readonly keyword from the field and add a setter to the property

Test that sender property is writeable and sender text is what expected

Automatic property

Make the setter part of the property private

Biginteger type represents any arbitrarily sized integer

Floating point numbers

Printing currencies

Not a number, a nan is not equal to another nan

Test the length of a string

Strings are reference types and immutable

The objects are refering to different objects

The strings don't refer to the same object in memory but they are equal

A and b refer to the same objects

Bad concatenation

Good concatenation, stringbuilder is sort of like a mutable string, takes five ms as opposed to seven seconds

Bad use of string builder

Good Use of concatenation

Default Success Warning Important Info Inverse
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