Sunday, November 10, 2013

Build run application, in console, mongodb establishes a connection, files are allocated, database is seeded and indexes are created

Controllers folder, add an empty Web Api 2 controller named patientscontroller

Add this code to retrieve all data from mongodb data store

Navigate to api/patients, the seeded data is retrieved and returned in xml format

Query by id, the old web api 1 way of doing this

api/patients/id returns this result in the browser

This method, see route aka attribute routing, returns the medication of the patient by id

Only the mdeciation for that patient is returned to the browser

Web Api 2 IHttpActionResult with helper methods to reduce the code, make it easier to read and make the unit testing require less setup and mocks

Cross origin resource sharing: add a new, empty project, named corsclient

Add a new html page named default and install jquery from nuget

Open the page in the browser click the button,open developer tools network tab, get back a 404

Cross origin access is not allowed

Install Cors nuget package in main project

And web api 2 cors package

Enable cors in webapiconfig file

Possible to enable cors selectively at the controller level

View Results in browser

Authenticated WebApi, add Authorize attribute at controller level

Copy default.html into main project and rename the h3 header to authentication request

Default Success Warning Important Info Inverse
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