Sunday, November 10, 2013

Get insight into what entity framework and mvc framework are doing, install nuget package glimpse mvc4 and ef6

Glimpse and ef api don't mix return books controller index action to being a non async method

Launch application, goto glimpse.axd, special handler installed and turn glimpse on

Navigate to home page and get request and server information in the bottom panel

Click on g in bottom right corner and a popup window pops out with all sorts of interesting information: configuration, environment, request, routes, timeline view

Click on books link and glimpse sql tab, see what queries where executed and how long they took

Moving schemas: add this code to booksdb

Add this code to identitydb to change the schema

Build and run the application, exception thrown since model out of sync with the database

Run these 2 addmigrations to generate scripts to update the schema

Execute these 2 update database command to apply the changes

Refresh the database in server explorer and view the new schemas applied to the tables

Create new project using mvc template and windows authentication named signalr

Install nuget package signalr

Add class startup.cs at the root of the application with this code to map signalr

Create folder hubs and add this signalr class

Code of the hub class

Install package knockout.js

Build and run the application, login with windows credentials

And logged into the app

Default Success Warning Important Info Inverse
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