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Drugs are destroying our societies from the inside. This is terrorism. Our fragile youth is being targeted. They will be become broken adults. Our systems will decline.


We must protect our young ones. They are the future. We must provide a safe playground for all children and remove the bad elements. We must strangle all financial sources that flow into terrorism.


It seems that the drugs are pushed into our systems from external forces. They must be arrested, punished and sent back to their respective countries if they do not obey the laws.

Weapons at our disposal

What can we do to solve this global problem?

  • All
  • Educators
  • Politics
  • Police
  • Military
  • Destroy the sources

A bright future for all

CleanWorld advocates educating the young people on the consequences of substance abuse. Furthermore establishing an information system of informants and drug traffickers at all levels, sharing this data among all agencies worldwide. Tracking down the suspects, arresting them and gathering more information about their network. We must hunt down and put away the heads of these terrorist networks. This calls for Government cooperation, letting international expert task forces intervene on local territory to get a firm grip on this problem. Harsher laws may be called for, such as the death penalty for all drug traffickers, regardless of the quantity sold.

Our enemies are strong

The criminal networks, mafia, cartells are making billions of dollars of profit annually at the cost of our childrens lives and safety. The money laundering must be investigated. The source of the cash must be formalized. The complete seizure of these criminals assets must be put into state ownership immediately. They must be made to talk and provide all information required to dismantle these terrorist organizations. They may be afraid to talk, either way they must be informed that they have no future.

Our Building Blocks

We are men of honor. We love our countries. We love our planet. We love our children. We love the future. We are willing to do what it takes to make our world a safe playground for all.


Obey, Law & Order


Top Performance


Search & Destroy


Arrest All Criminals

Cost to society

What is the cost of a human life? A childs life? 1 Billion, 100 Billion Dollars? Every life taken by illegal substances warrants the supplier to be prosecuted as a murderer.

Drug Dealers 1 Gram / Cocaine
  • 10 years prison?
  • 50 years prison?
  • 100 years prison?
  • Death Penalty?
Drug Dealers 1 Gram / Gras
  • 10 years prison?
  • 50 years prison?
  • 100 years prison?
  • Death Penalty?

I have a dream of a clean world where the youth can grow and thrive in excellent conditions contact me. Powered by Love.