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Find a collection of the newest technology tutorials, from AngularJS to Web Services. Spin up your keyboard and code along. Build some great apps here. Clean code development and lots of fun guaranteed.

Newest Technology Tutorials

Many developers work through these tutorials and learn new stuff. Get inspired to dive deeper into the technologies. Explore and discover new horizons. Eventually go on to write your own blog posts and tutorials. The next step is to go write a book. Start by building an app and writing a tutorial.

Are you ready to rock'n roll this technology stack?


Check out my web apps and tutorials for inspiration and to learn more. Get learning and you will become a better, stronger, harder and faster developer.

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Welcome to my web app. I enjoy coding, running, productivity, health and fitness in general.

I'm a passionate Software Developer and Marathon Runner.

Enjoy this site and I hope you will be able to learn something new and build great web apps.

Knowledge is like love, the more you give the more you get. Open source and sharing are the way to advance all of us together.

“This web app will inspire and motivate you to learn new technologies, learn the technologies forwards and backwards, expand your technical tool kit and enable you to become a better developer. Clean Code all the way.”

Nils H. Nägele, Code on the Run